DimDrop brands SaaS product as Community Inbox

Community Inbox allows you to receive and send location based messages and content to your mobile devices within any number of communities created by public organizations, businesses and individuals. You will be able to easily and much more effectively communicate in new ways not possible by existing social media, email or websites.

Some of things you can do:
- Get notified of real-time events occurring at your location
- Receive automatic notifications using geofencing
- Connect directly with information providers, organizations and businesses
- Keep up to date with live events happening in your area
- Solicit services from professionals in your neighborhood
- Gain quick and easy access to hard to find local government information such as health inspection reports for the establishments you are currently at
- Take part in surveys and voting events
- Organize and grow your communities

In order to receive content you will need to join one or more public communities from the Communities view. Private Communities are by invite only and not displayed publicly. You will receive invites through email for private communities. You can join as many communities as you like.

Once you join one or more Communities you will be able to send content to Community managers using published forms. The Community managers will also be able to send you the most relevant and timely communications based on your location, create geofences for automated triggering of notifications and publish rich multimedia content which will appear in your Inbox view. You can refresh your Inbox by pulling down on the list view when you are at the top of the view.

All information you generate through this app is encrypted and may be shared with the public at the discretion of the community managers. Your user information such as email and phone number will only be shared with the Communities you join. This app will also track information about your device and location in the background in order to enable real-time geofences and receive all location related content and notifications in a timely manner. The app uses several methods to minimize battery usage. If you do not want the app to track your location in the background you can disable it in the Settings view.