Visit DimDrop at the IC&S Expo

DimDrop at the 2017 IC&S Expo Oct 5

The heartbeat of IC&S is the showcase, a place where premier technology startups connect with over 600 key decision makers, entrepreneurs, technologists, and community members to share their leading edge platforms, devices, processes, equipment, and more. After lunch and inspiring messages from our speakers, conference guests flood the exhibition hall to meet and greet with entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, and developers behind the technologies.

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DimDrop brands SaaS product as Community Inbox

Community Inbox allows you to receive and send location based messages and content to your mobile devices within any number of communities created by public organizations, businesses and individuals. You will be able to easily and much more effectively communicate in new ways not possible by existing social media, email or websites.

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DimDrop CEO Victor Cintron Elected to Houston Technology Center's Board of Directors

DimDrop CEO Victor Cintron was recently elected to Houston Technology Center's Board of Directors on December 9 2015. In addition to Victor Cintron, the Houston Technology Center's board elected four others: Galen Cobb, vice president of industry relations at Halliburton; Badar Khan, president and CEO of Direct Energy; Walter O'Brien, CEO, Scorpion Computer Services and ConciergeUP; Tamera Venzke, co-founder of Houston Technology Center's client company GoToPills.

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