DimDrop Now Supports Augmented Reality Asset Management

The DimDrop platform now has support for augmented reality (AR) asset management. You can now upload your 3D models and location information to publish interactive digital assets to physical locations which can be viewed by users using their smartphones. With the release of iOS 11 coming in the Fall, AR has never been easier to use and publish. Publishing AR content will open up new opportunities to provide innovative services to your customers. Request a demo today.

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Community Inbox Mobile Apps Available on App Stores

For IOS:
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/community-inbox/id1170353305?ls=1&mt=8 For Android:

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DimDrop brands SaaS product as Community Inbox

Community Inbox allows you to receive and send location based messages and content to your mobile devices within any number of communities created by public organizations, businesses and individuals. You will be able to easily and much more effectively communicate in new ways not possible by existing social media, email or websites.

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