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Use Cases

DimDrop can be used in many different scenarios to improve operations, spending, community well-being, safety and overall communications.

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Government Organizations

  • Push updates immediately when new information becomes available
  • Receive and track resident complaints and feedback with images
  • Make public data sets readily available in mobile friendly formats
  • Enable information services organizations to better engage the public

Transportation & Construction

  • Monitor real-time location of stationary and in-transit transportation assets
  • Update the impacted community on road closures and other daily events
  • Trigger automated messages when entering or leaving work sites
  • Push public relations content to specific locations for each affected community

School or Workplace Campuses

  • Provide location specific safety information
  • Report live security incidents with location specific alerts
  • Notify people of schedule or event changes
  • Orientate new employees and visitors with up to date campus information

Emergency Response

  • Create virtual danger zones that trigger the latest alerts instantly when entered or exited
  • Push personalized evacuation routes to residents in multiple areas
  • Monitor real-time location of emergency assets and personnel
  • Receive crowd sourced incident information from all affected areas

Health Awareness

  • Monitor real-time location of health related assets
  • Receive and track reported issues from individual residents
  • Provide location specific health or outbreak information news and updates
  • Communicate timely incident information to impacted communities

Consumer Businesses

  • Manage multiple customer groups with uniquely tailored information
  • Provide scheduled news updates to groups or individuals
  • Integrate social media feeds for 360 degree view of community conversations
  • Create and push information driven multimedia content for increased engagement

Why DimDrop

While the world has embraced mobile technologies as the preferred form of personal communications, many organizations are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to joining the mobile conversation. Mobile devices such as smartphones are typically used by single individuals and designed to work well with other physical mobile devices. Organizations, on the other hand, are made up of teams with distinct needs and objectives and currently do not have the tools to properly manage the volume and variety of mobile communications customers are generating and expecting. The lack of any viable mobile communications platform puts organizations at risk of miscommunication, devalued information, increased churn, decreased engagement, poor customer service, lower customer well-being, reduced individual safety and increased communication expenses. Worse yet, organizations may just ignore their mobile community all together.

DimDrop solves this problem by enabling teams to create and track all mobile communications with customers. Teams can now use DimDrop's robust suite of web-based collaboration and location based tools that directly link with each customer’s mobile device for instant two-way interactions in a variety of messaging formats including SMS text, push messaging, geofencing, geocoded content, multimedia, video, in-app notifications, legacy files and social media.

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DimDrop Screenshot Gallery

Transforming how we visualize location based mobile communications management for the non-technical business user

Communications Management 4
Content Management 3
Mapping Tools 3
Social Media Tools 2
  • Portal Dashboard
    a custom view to your mobile community
  • Push Messaging
    native mobile messaging functionality
  • Live Maps
    track physical assets in near-real time
  • Import Data
    quickly visualize your geospatial data
  • Communications Scheduling
    automate the scheduling of events and communications
  • Geofencing
    automate messaging based on location
  • Messaging Inbox
    keep track of all incoming messages by team
  • Geographic Groups
    organize your geographical territory of users
  • Content Upload
    upload content using the drag-n-drop interface
  • SMS Texting
    reach users with traditional texting

What You Get

DimDrop's integrated subscription based SaaS solution provides all of the functions and features you need to stay in touch with your community of mobile users

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Communications Portal

DimDrop's user friendly web based mobile communications portal supports inbound communications routing, text & push messaging, mobile content publishing, user management, social media monitoring and analytics.

Geospatial Capabilties

DimDrop’s unique blend of location based communication, mapping and social media tools includes everything any non-technical business team needs to stay connected with their mobile customers.

Data Integration

DimDrop's integration with relational, NoSQL, enterprise and web API sources will instantly transform existing data sources into mobile formats your users can consume without additional app development.

Mobile App Interfaces

DimDrop provides options for both out of the box and customized cross-platform user interfaces integrated with our location based communications technology that can meet any organizational use case.


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