The Texas Department of Information Resources has awarded DimDrop LLC cooperative contract number DIR-TSO-4013. State agencies and public educational institutions can take advantage of discounted pricing and an expedited purchasing process for DimDrop's core products and services related to emergency preparedness.

To place an order, please submit your purchase order to the contact below by email or phone:
Name: Victor Cintron
Phone: Toll Free (888) 683-3685

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The following graphic includes a listing and the description of the products and services awarded and the discount percentage (%) off MSRP for each item.

Warranty and Return Policy: DimDrop's warranty and return policies are based on the DIR contract terms and conditions. For monthly subscription products, you may cancel at any time but no refunds will be provided. For yearly contracts, you may request a full refund within 30 days of your first invoice issue date. No refunds will be provided for yearly contracts after 30 days of the invoice issue date. There will not be any refunds on related services products.

Visit the Texas Department of Information Resources Cooperative Contracts Webpage

Visit the DIR webpage for contract number DIR-TSO-4013